I am Associate Professor in Practical Philosophy at Umeå University (Sweden) and hold the Swedish title of ‘Docent’.

My PhD I obtained from the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) on a thesis that scrutinizes the relations between coercion, freedom and dignity. For this dissertation I received the Biennial Dissertation Prize of the Netherlands Research School for Practical Philosophy. My PhD research was embedded in Martin van Hees’ NWO-Vici project Modelling Freedom: Formal Analysis and Normative Philosophy.

My postdoctoral research at the University of Amsterdam questioned the potential political relevance of recent advances in happiness science as part of the NWO project Measuring Well-Being: Attitudes, Comparability and Justification, led by Govert den Hartogh. Subsequently, I lectured in the Philosophy and Economics programme of the University of Bayreuth (Germany).

I held visiting positions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Central European University, and Tulane University.

Prior to turning to philosophy I completed the Tilburg University Master of Arts programme in Econometrics and Operational Research, and I briefly worked in private sector consultancy.